About Me

Why did I choose Wesco?

At the time I was a graduate student at WMU, pursuing school counseling, and working at (a now Wesco owned) Subway sandwich shop. My store owner was very generous and tried to help me with tuition, but after a while, she was considering selling the location. I had heard of the wonderful opportunities at Wesco and decided to make the change.

What were your first impressions of Wesco?

My first impression was one of family. My current location manager was just filling in for the store's manager, who was on maternity leave. Everyone spoke very highly of members of management and they welcomed me warmly. This instantly made me feel like I'd known them all for my entire life!

Year 1

Deli Associate @ Wesco 2 

Hired August 30, 2005-2006. I worked in the In-Store Deli, making sandwiches, pickle wraps, polish roses and many other fresh items. The Wesco To Go sandwich shop was being created, and coming from Subway, I had many years of sandwich making experience. I aided in developing the later stages of planning, helped to create the training documents and trained people- within my store to corporate leaders to associates and management from other locations that were also getting a To Go. I was also cross trained as a cashier.

Year 2

Deli Associate  @ Wesco 2 

Orientation, Food Service Level 1, and Basic Food Safety Training

Year 3

Deli Associate @ Wesco 2

ServSafe Certification

Year 4

Deli Associate @ Wesco 2

I was Trained and trained others in Wesco Roasters, roasting almonds Sales Associate Level 1 Training

Year 9

Sales Associate @ Wesco ?? 

Sales Associate Level 2 Training, began training for Operations Associate.

Year 11

Sales Associate @ Wesco 2 

Sales Associate Level 3 Training, POG Certified, Inventory Specialist, Operations Assistant Certified

Year 13

Sales Associate @ Wesco 2 

Hospitality 1 Training

Year 15

Sales Associate @ Wesco 2 

Applied and interviewed for the Fresh Mentor position.

Year 15

Sales Associate @ Wesco 2 

Spent the year planning and forming the Fresh Mentor and Fresh Lead roles, as well as updating all Fresh SOP. I became ServSafe Recertified

Year 17

Fresh Mentor @ Wesco 2 

Finished final details for Fresh Lead certification an became a Certified Fresh Mentor Zone 3 and Fresh Lead Store 02.

Looking Back

What would I want someone just starting out to know?

Wesco is a local company where you can do big things. My plan was to work here for 4 years, but plans are made to be modified. My first impression of family- well- that still holds true. I have developed great relationships with not only my co-workers, but the customers as well. I have learned so much about myself; pushed myself; learned to believe in myself. So many people, from my store manager, market managers and even the Westgate family, helped me along the way. I am proud of how far I have come and cannot wait to see what else I can accomplish- the opportunities in this company are almost endless!