About Me

Why did I choose Wesco?

Flexibility of hours, I wanted something that fit my life. I had plans, I wanted to return to college, and I really needed some flexibility. A place that is open 24/7 can give you some options!

What were your first impressions of Wesco?

I remember being really impressed with the benefits that were offered, Profit Sharing, 401k, and the tuition reimbursement were all kind of surprises to me. The benefits and the family type atmosphere made me realize this company was more than just a gas station.

Year 1 - 20

Bakery Associate @ Wesco 20 

I have had the same position here at Store 20 for over 19 years, and I am really happy about that. I get so many opportunities to make positive impacts on people’s lives and I love it. I remember a time that I heard a little girl crying out in the store, so I went out to see what was up. She was really sad that there weren’t any donuts with sprinkles left in the case. So I took a donut in the back, added a little frosting and some sprinkles, and took it out to her. She was so happy that it made my heart feel good. I get to do things like that.

Another time, we were out of Long Johns and a customer was pretty upset about it. I offered to take a chocolate frosted ring and filled the center with Bavarian cream. It wasn’t exactly what she came in for, but she was happy with my effort and had a better day because of it. Just because I am not working a register, doesn’t mean that I can’t have an impact on customer service!

I also get to be pretty creative with the product that I produce. Once I cut some glazed rings in half, lengthwise and spread Holland crème on the inside, creating a very sweet sandwich style donut. I like to go to other bakeries and get some inspiration to bring back to our store.

I worked alone in the kitchen for a lot of years and that was fine. But then we opened a cold deli at my store and another person started to work in the kitchen the same time I did. I built some very solid relationships with co-workers that I still have today.

So while I haven’t had a lot of different positions in the company, I am pleased with what I have done within this position. I like what I do so much, I‘ve had the opportunity to become really good at it and I expect that I will do this job until I retire!

Looking Back

What would I want someone just starting out to know?

The benefits are really impressive and flexibility is available. Wesco will work with you to make it work. Your hard work will be appreciated by the company, the team and customers.