About Me

Why did I choose Wesco?

I grew up less than a mile from Wesco #2 and was very familiar with Wesco. I used to ride my bike down to the store to buy candy and pop. My second cousin, Keith Smith also ran the Apple Avenue Wesco for years. Kathy, my much better half was already employed at Wesco for five years and enjoyed working for Wesco as well. Lastly the job was working in the agricultural community and liked the idea of working with the area farmers.

What were your first impressions of Wesco?

Always thought Wesco was a great family run business, my dad used to go on Canadian Brook trout fishing trips with Bud Westgate and the gang.

Year 1

Peddle Truck Driver @ Wesco

I started Working for Wesco on 2/24/1997 in the Peddle Truck division delivering various fuels to area farms, construction companies, mom-and-pop gas stations and fuel oil to local residential homes. I pretty much worked my first 21 years in this position with a couple stints delivering propane here and there.

Year 9

Bobtail Truck Driver @ Wesco

In 2005, Wesco made the decision to enter into the propane business, so I started to cross train into that area to learn how to operate a bobtail to deliver propane.

Year 20

Sales and Business Development @ Wesco Corporate

Wesco was in the transition process with Nancy and JJ taking on the responsibility of running the company. I was asked if I would be interested in taking the Sales and Business development position to work on growing Wesco's Home Heating & Bulk Fuel business. My first reaction was to run because I was in a pretty good comfort zone, but I ultimately took the challenge to help me grow as a person. After all with 21 years of being in the field I know a lot of people and consider a lot of them as my second family.

As I enter into my later years with the company, I am focusing on growing and building a better program so this company will continue to grow and provide good paying jobs so people can stay here and raise their families. We are blessed to live in such a great area, yes even the snow LOL.

Looking Back

What would I want someone just starting out to know?

If I were to leave a message to myself it would probably go something like this: Life goes by pretty fast, take time to enjoy family, friends and enjoying the things that make, and never stop doing them. Learn how to shut work off and enjoy being in the moment. Always believe in yourself, stay humble and be approachable. Always keep your integrity and you will be fine.