About Me

Why did I choose Wesco?

At the time, I was in-between summer work opportunities and my mom presented me with an opportunity to work at Wesco. I was going into my sophomore year of high school and wanted to make the best of my future. I figured Wesco was a great fit because of college reimbursement.

What were your first impressions of Wesco?

Wow, this place is much busier than I expected! I was a shy minor that really didn’t know what to expect.

Year 1

Sales Associate @ Wesco 25

I started as a minor, helping a lot during the summer and continued to help on weekends during the school year. I was a master of breaking down boxes by the end of the summer.

Year 2

Sales Associate @ Wesco 25

I was still a minor, but able to now help in the cooler and excelled at organizing backstock and stocking our cooler doors. I continued to get to know my coworkers a little better. I attended Basic food safety and Orientation classes during this summer.

Year 3

Sales Associate @ Wesco 25

I was 25’s only minor at this point so, I worked at recruiting friends. This gave the store more help on the days I worked, especially those I didn't work. I helped train the people that were recruited for the minor position.

Year 5

Operations Associate @ Wesco 25

This was my first year at community college and tuition reimbursement was working so nicely for me. My manager was able to give me a manageable schedule so I could succeed in my classes. This summer I then applied for the Operations Associate position for store 25. I accepted the position and the goals that came with this step up. I was so excited to accomplish everything as soon as I could. I went to the office to complete training in the Hospitality I Class.

Year 6

Operations Associate @ Wesco 25

This was a pretty eventful year for me, I was still working for my Associates degree at the community college and working as an Operations Associate but applied for the Production Artist position at Wesco’s corporate office in North Muskegon. I had high hopes of transferring to Grand Valley to work on my bachelor’s degree. I didn’t end up transferring or getting the position but that didn’t stop me.

Later that year, I was able to beat my locations record of most sold muffins in a shift. I had sold 260+ muffins to help boost my locations fresh sales. It’s amazing what people in a community can do to help you accomplish a goal. I was so thankful for my fellow coworkers helping me boost my suggestive selling skills.

Year 7

Operations Associate @ Wesco 25

I continued to work as an operations assistant and worked back and forth between Store 23 and 25 more than being solely at Store 25. This made a difference in day-to-day functions and provided a challenge that helped me grow as a person and coworker. I attended JP&R Leader Training this year also.

Year 8

Operations Associate @ Wesco 25

At this point in my Wesco career, I was feeling a little burnt out. I decided to take a step back and took a position elsewhere. But came back by the beginning of December because I missed the Wesco Culture. I was hired back to an Operations Associate and applied for Assistant Manager for 23/25. I didn’t end up getting the position but continued to love my job and my co-workers. All I wanted was for them to feel successful and confident in their position so they could move up like I did.

Year 9

Production Artist @ studio W (Wesco's Marketing Department)

I was informed that the Production Artist position was available again. I hurried and applied. My interview went well even though my anxiety was through the roof. It was very intimidating to have an interview with people from corporate. I didn’t want to mess up any opportunity I was presented. Not long after my interview, I received a call asking if I wanted the position and the responsibility of driving an hour to work during the weekdays. Of course, I said yes!

It was my dream to work with amazing people and work within the department that was responsible for pushing out signage to all our locations that I had been putting up at Wesco #23 & #25 for years.

I was trained in my position and then the pandemic hit. I was one of the only people in my office. Later, I had learned to apply and wrap our locations’ ice chests, company car, and grow in my skills of producing Wesco’s signs and managing my time wisely based on what project was put in front of me.

Year 10

Production Artist @ studio W (Wesco's Marketing Department)

Working in the Marketing department has been amazing. I’m still working on my bachelor’s degree so I can move up and apply for my boss’s position as Marketing Director when he retires.

I took up the challenge of teaching our Hospitality II class and enjoy helping our store associates grow in their positions. I enjoy helping my team succeed whether it’s making sure we are on time with our projects or going to the stores and making sure their signs are updated and still looking presentable.

I feel like I have been in my position all my Wesco career. Everyone that seemed so “scary” at the corporate office are the most welcoming people just like my past co-workers at Wesco #23 & #25. My hard work has been noticed company wide and I could not be more proud of myself and everyone who helped me get to this point.

Looking Back

What would I want someone just starting out to know?

A lot of hard work has been put into your career at Wesco, I know things may not have been moving as fast as you imagined, but you are where you need to be at this time and place in your life. With more Hard work and perseverance you can accomplish anything that you want even if it seems virtually impossible at the moment. Push through those rough days and be true to yourself. If it is meant to be, it will happen when the time is right.