Cole | Sales Associate


About Me

Why did I choose Wesco?

After working multiple jobs during high school and college, I was looking for a place that was more flexible with my college schedule. After knowing many people who worked for Wesco, I knew that the job was pleasant, Wesco helps with college tuition, and there is a lot of potential to advance a career with Wesco if I so choose.

What were your first impressions of Wesco?

Everyone is so kind! From the managers to our wonderful regulars, it created an environment I found myself happy in and could see as a pleasant career. It's a job where I rarely have a bad shift and Wesco is a great place to be connected with the community!

Year 1

Sales Associate @ Wesco 18

My interview went smoothly, all of these managers I’ve never met before were so kind and understanding. At Wesco 18, I felt more connected with North Muskegon than ever before!

Working hectic (but fun) shifts during varsity football games, congratulating North Muskegon's senior class with ICEE's and popcorn during grad night, meeting new friends both in the form of co-workers and regulars, and getting to meet and interact with all the great people in North Muskegon!

Year 2

Sale Associate @ Wesco 18

I completed my Associate Level 1 & 2 Training. During Covid this year, Wesco was the only thing I could look forward to. Wesco was one of the cleanest buildings still open during the pandemic, sanitizing everything. Being able to see and work beside my friends and community during this challenging time made the hardships of Covid much easier to bear while still being a fun and rewarding place to work!

Looking Back

You should have started sooner; this job can be hectic and challenging at times, but the good times at Wesco are much more frequent than the bad. There is always enough time to get the work done. Really the only thing that I could tell myself before I started Wesco is to enjoy the joys of working each shift.