About Me

Why did I choose Wesco?

Wesco was close to home. I was young at the time and had been through some very-serious-to-me boy issues. I had moved out of state and dropped out of college, so when I got back home, I really had no plan for myself, but I knew I needed a GOOD job.

I started out at our local grocery store, but I quickly realized I had potential for better things, and they were just holding me back. I was a cashier, but I also worked in the deli for a couple years. My deli manager and I did NOT get along, and I had big ideas. So I moved on to Wesco, and it's the best decision I've ever made for myself as I am still here 10 years later.

What were your first impressions of Wesco?

Wesco has always been a support system to me. There was always one person or more there for me as I was figuring out my "younger years". I was a lost soul, and Wesco felt like home. I was appreciated for my work ethic, and was motivated to be better, have better ideas, and make the store a better place all around.

Year 1

Sale Associate @ Wesco 22 

I worked mainly night shifts this year, and the ladies I worked with felt like my work moms! They encouraged me so much and taught me a lot of what I know about working at the store! 

Year 2

Sandwich Artist/Operations Assistant @ Subway 156

I had my son this year! Our location combined with Subway this year also. I needed to work ONLY nights due to having a newborn baby, and my manager at the time told me I could have all the night shifts I needed at Subway. I was very hesitant, but I agreed. I didn't like it so much at first, but I grew to love it. My manager gave me the reigns to fix some things as Subway needed some structural help. I quickly became the Operations Assistant here and zoomed through all the Subway training levels including taking a manager's class to better understand the daily control sheets and WISR. I have since accomplished so much and helped this Subway become as successful as I could possibly make it! 

Year 3

Operations Assistant @ Subway 156 

I applied for the Assistant Manager position, and I got it!! I went to Wesco Corporate a lot this year and quickly obtained my training accomplishments for Sales Associate levels 2 and 3. I had my final Assistant interview at the office (whooooo what a fun day that was) and I was accepted into Leadership Academy

Year 4

Assistant Manager @ Subway 156

I went to leadership academy this year with both my manager and my co-assistant from Wesco. It was great that all three of us got to go together! We learned a lot about handling the things managers deal with on the daily, and it opened up personal connections between the store level and the office level for me. 

Year 5

Assistant Manager @ Subway 156

I received my JPR Leader Certification this year! Oh the many JPRs I have helped with throughout the years. It really has been a great tool to help my team and myself accomplish things at the store. 

Year 6

Assistant Manager @ Subway 156

Year 7

Assistant Manager @ Subway 156

I obtained my Serv Safe Certificate this year. Lots of important things to know regarding food safety!

Year 8

Assistant Manager @ Subway 156

I went to Hospitality Class this year along with some of my coworkers. It helped remind me the number one reason why we go to work every day: to help others 

Year 9

Assistant Manager @ Subway 156 

I became Shift Leader Certified this year. Because our location has two Assistants, we couldn't hire any shift leaders just yet. But the experience of the classes I took with Sam and having her come to my store for a day to certify me were awesome! I enjoyed hearing from Sam how well I was doing with the store and my team. I have based my entire training routine around what I learned during this time, and it has been a priority of mine to make sure all of my team members are thoroughly trained, that they feel important, and that their ideas are always welcome! I also had a new manager from a location with a Subway come train with me at my store so that I could show him the ropes. 

Year 10

Assistant Manager @ Subway 156 

This year was 2020. We all know how frustrating and complicated 2020 was. I learned this year to REALLY go with the flow. With the help of my Operations Assistant, we managed to keep things together through ever-changing procedures, overwhelming doubts, and upset customers and coworkers. 

Year 11

Assistant Manager @ Subway 156

...and here we are, about to begin my 11th year with Wesco! I've had two more new Subway managers come train with me already this year. It's been great getting to know them and hopefully invoking in them the passion I have for Subway. 

Looking Back

What would I want someone just starting out to know?

Wesco is a great company to work for. If you are unsure what you want to do with yourself career-wise, it's going to be worth it to stick around for a while.

Show some good work ethic, voice your ideas. There is always someone rooting for you, and always someone who will recognize your potential. This could be a great career choice for you!

Remember that we all have our own strong and weak traits. I've always had someone at work to balance me out. It takes a team of people to make things work correctly and smoothly. Its not always about you.