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With $1.39 price untill June 30, 2021, it is EASY to SAVE

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Every $75 Saves 2¢

We are happy to offer you a lower-cost and local choice for your home propane. Best of all, we reward you for your purchase. Every $75 of propane/heating oil you purchase earn 2¢ off per gallon** of gas at any of our Wesco locations.

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Be Safe

Do you know what to do when you smell propane.?

If you ever suspect a leak, you should immediately follow these instructions to ensure the safety of you and your family.

1. Send everyone outside right away. Don't stop to turn off light switches or appliances -just go outside.
2. Turn off the gas supply using the shut-off valve on the tank or cylinder.
3. Use a neighbor's phone to call Wesco Energy 231-719-4490 right away.
4. Stay outside; leave gas off.
5. Stay outside until the service technician says it is safe to go back indoors.
6. Have our trained service technician re-light gas appliances and equipment for you.

If you even think you smell gas around the house, workplace, or gas equipment follow these simple steps immediately. We'll make sure your system is operating properly before you go back inside. Please call us if you have any questions about these or any other safety practices. Your propane system should be inspected periodically by a trained propane professional in order to make sure it is running efficiently and safely. If your system hasn't been inspected in the past year, give us a call and we'll come out and check to make sure you are running efficiently. We will:
• Pressure test your complete gas system, we will check for and repair any gas leaks outside.
• Inspect regulators for proper operation.

Watch more propane safety videos here

Be Informed

Here are some helpful links. By choosing one of the below links you will be leaving wescoenergy.com all information on these sites are the sole responsibility of the site's owners.
• The Propane Council www.propanecouncil.org
• Use Propane www.usepropane.com
• National Propane Gas Association www.npga.org
• National Oil Heat Research Alliance www.nora-oilheat.org
• Oil Heating www.oilheatamerica.com

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How Do We Know When to Fill?

We do it by combining two factors: first, we use historical data from your account to determine a "K Factor," then we track the weather using a "Degree Days" system that is specific to your area. The "K Factor" is the rate at which a home uses heating fuel and it is affected by many factors, including home size, insulation, and the thermostat settings.

Wesco Energy uses a calculation involving "K Factor" and "Degree Days" to determine when your tank is running low. We error on the side of caution to ensure you never run out of fuel.

It is important to note that neither market fluctuations nor retail prices have a bearing on when we deliver your fuel. Rather it's up to the weather and a precise mathmatical formula.

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At Wesco Energy, we understand your struggles with ever-changing fuel prices and the serious impact they can have on your budget. Wesco offers cash and prompt payment discounts, volume discounts, budget payment programs and propane price protection programs to better align our pricing & payment offerings with your needs. Wesco Energy also offers you a great way to save using Wesco Rewards. Buying your propane, heating oil, or refined fuel from Wesco Energy will save you money at the pump at any of our Wesco Convenience Store locations.

Pricing Offerings, Programs, and Payment Options

E-Z Pay Budget Program

Spread out your average annual heating cost for heating oil or propane throughout the entire year. We will help you structure an individualized E-Z Pay monthly plan to match your heating needs and requirements.

Refine Fuels & Heating Oil Price Offerings

Daily Market Pricing

Commercial & Agricultural Volume Discounts

Propane Price Offerings

Daily Market Pricing

Price Protection Programs

• Pre-Purchase Pricing

• Lock-in "Fixed" Pricing

Volume Usage Discounts

Commercial Volume Discounts

Agricultural & Corn Drying Volume Discounts

Payment Options

EFT (electronic funds transfer), Cash, Check, Check-by-Phone, and Credit Card (Master Card, Visa, or Discover)

Prompt pay discounts (EFT, Cash, or Check)

WESCO participates in various government and private Energy Assistance Programs

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Special Offers


Every $75 Saves 2¢

We are happy to offer you a lower-cost and local choice for your home propane. Best of all, we reward you for your purchase. Every $75 of propane/heating oil you purchase earn 2¢ off per gallon** of gas at any of our Wesco locations.


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